Just as the standard Shadow 2 has become the gun of choice for many USPSA Production Division competitors, the Shadow 2 Optics-Ready is ideal for USPSA Carry Optics. Building on the base Shadow 2, the OR has a slightly different slide profile to allow for its optic plate system.. On the CZ-75-pattern pistols (the full-size, the Compact, clones like the Tri-Star/Canik C100 and S120) there is a bevel toward the front of the slide, a design aspect inspired by the Browning Hi Power. ... FN's Upgraded Five-seveN MK3 MRD Pistol Has an Optics-Ready Slide, Better Ergonomics. 52 COMMENTS. Keyword Spam September 8, 2018 At 16:15. "/>Cz 75 optics ready slide